Nijmegen is a city of about 2000 yours old which lies in the Dutch province Gelderland. The city has over 170.000 inhabitants and is part of the Arnhem-Nijmegen city region, along with 18 other municipalities.

Even though Nijmegen Lies in the South eastern part of Gelderland, many locations are easily accessible. The Northern city of Arnhem, for example, can be reached by car in a bout 15 minutes and the more Western city Den Bosch or Eindhoven can be reached in aprox 30 and 45 minutes.

Emergency numbers
In case of emergency, you can dial the emergency number 112. You will be asked whether you need the police, fire department or an ambulance. 

News & Updates

First monday of the month: airraid alarm test

Today is the first monday of the month. Everyfirst monday the national airraid alarm will be tested. Nothing to worry about; it is just a regular check!

For more information (in Dutch) about how to act when the Airraid alarm goes off: Click HERE.


Where to go


Once you are settled in Nijmegen, you would like to know where to go. We will advice you where you should go to eat, sip, and find the best spots to go in the Nijmegen area.

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Finding a House

The Expatdesk Nijmegen is specialized in renting and letting housing accommodations for expats. Over more then 10 years of experience with helping expats to find the right house in Nijmegen or surroundings.
Trough this website you'll find the necessary information that you need once you need a (temporary) housing accommodation in Nijmegen.

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