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International supermarkets

Nijmegen has several “tokos” (for Asian products) and international supermarkets. By far the biggest is Amazing Oriental in Dukenburg shopping mall, which has thousands of products on shelf. It opens daily from 10-18h. Address: Zwanenveld 9099, Nijmegen.


You’ll find a supermarket in virtually every neighbourhood in Nijmegen. Generally, they are open until around 21:00h or 22:00h. Well-known supermarkets are Albert Heijn, Coop and Jumbo, or discounters Aldi and Lidl. Every supermarket requires you to identify yourself in case you want to buy alcohol or tobacco. Discount supermarkets do not offer the garbage bags required for waste collection in Nijmegen.

Next to the supermarkets in neighbourhoods, Nijmegen also has a very large Albert Heijn on the St. Jacobslaan. It has a larger assortment of goods, as well as freshly prepared dishes and non-food items.

VUE Nijmegen Plein

Relatively small city cinema, centrally located on Plein 1944 surrounded by bars and restaurants. Easy to reach by public transport. Address: Plein 1944 28, Nijmegen.

Pathé Nijmegen

A large cinema with multiple screens, showing mostly mainstream movies. Located just outside Nijmegen, in Lent. Can be reached with Public Transport, bike and car (paid parking). Address: Willem van Arenbergstraat 6, Nijmegen.


Located in the city centre, often does. It runs both mainstream and art-house films. Before or after the film, you can enjoy something to eat or drink, or even host a party. Address: Marienburg 38, Nijmegen.

New Age 22 (Gym)

Small but cosy gym, close to the city centre and the university. Offers pay-per-visit or per class, and also has group lessons. More information on their website.


The “Nijmeegse Sportfondsenbaden” have three locations, among them the outdoor pool in the Goffert. There is also a location in Nijmegen West and one on the Kwakkenbergweg. More information: website.


Quick 1888 facilitates many sports, one being Cricket. They even have two English-speaking teams. Location: Sportpark de Dennen, Dennenstraat 25 Nijmegen. Their website: Quick1888.