Category: Food & Drinks

Nijmegen boasts a vibrant city centre with many cafes and restaurants. You can find everything from a simple take-away to upscale establishments where eating becomes an experience.

If you just fancy a drink, there are also many places to turn to – be it for a coffee or a fancy drink. Nijmegen’s own breweries and two dedicated craft beer cafes are ready to serve you a nice cold one. But in between all the different options, how do you find the place to go? Here are some suggestions:

De Blonde Pater

Very popular, delicious and affordable sandwiches and salads. There is no wrong choice here, be it the delicious Pater Deli with pastrami, the Blonde Pater club sandwich or a surprising salad.


A popular restaurant located in Nijmegen Oost. A frequently changing menu, perfect for lunch, drinks, or dining.


Wine café Lebowski is great for “borrelen”, the Dutch version of cocktail hour or after-work drink. A selection of wines and many different beers provide the ingredients for a nice night out.


A café like a living room in an idyllic home close to the Stefenskerk, serving not only great coffee but also tasty home-made pastries!

Café Jos

Located in Nijmegen Oost, this tavern offers a massive range of craft beers, whiskeys and wine. So much more than just a café! Hospitality is still an art here.


Nijmegen’s go-to craft beer café, offering more than 100 different types of beer. Don’t know what to drink? Just pick one of the beer menus. Add some cheese and sausages to complete your experience!