The legal currency in the Netherlands is the Euro, which can be used throughout the entire country.

Be advised that bank notes of €100, €200 or €500 are not accepted in every shop out of security reasons. Next to cash, you can use bank cards or credit cards. Checks will generally not be accepted.

Bank Account

A current account can be opened at some banks, without the need for a social security number (“Burger Service Nummer”, or BSN). These banks are ABN AMRO and Rabobank. Generally, you will need to schedule an appointment and in most cases you will be provided with a card right away. The PIN code will be sent to you later. With this card, you can pay (often also wireless) at PIN devices or take out cash at an ATM. Credit cards are not commonly used for paying in the Netherlands. Hotels, car rentals and travel agents do accept them, but take note that most PIN devices in supermarkets and stores do not take credit cards! In the Netherlands the IBAN system is used, making international transactions easier. Furthermore, every Dutch bank account has a swift/BIC code for cross-border transactions.

Online Payment

Online you can use a credit card. The system commonly used however is iDeal, which allows you to pay online using your regular Dutch bank card. On Dutch websites, a home-shopping label (“Thuiswinkel keurmerk”) indicates that a website can be trusted.