Stoom is the beer bar in the old Honig factory. The pub is situated in an old factory, that is actually very stylish. As part of Nijmegens Oersoep brewery, they serve ofcours their own, but also lots of other beers. And they serve excellent pub food too!


Kelfkensbos used to be one of the city entrances. You can still see some of the remains of the gate that used to be there to protect the city. Nowadays, it is a square where the Valkhof Museum is situated, where you will find multiple restaurants, bars and even a hotel. From kelfkensbos, you’ll easily walk into one of the centers main streets or the Valkhof parc, towards the riverside area.

Grote Markt (Market Square)

One of the oldes squares in town; the Grote Markt. The square used to be the trade square centuries ago. You will find several characteristic buildings (like the ‘Waagh’ building and the oldest cafe in the city, ‘Café de Blauwe hand’ (the blue hand) that referrse to the blue ink that the workers of the linnenmarket had on their hands.

Twice a week you will find the market here (Saturday and Monday) and you will also find several access to the Stevens Church and the Hezelstraat.

Lange Hezelstraat

The Lange Hezelstraat happens to be the oldest shopping streets in the Netherlands. With buildings, constructed in the 17th century, plenty nice and cosy small shops, boutiques, speciality stores and food stores, it is a -specially during winter time- like you are walking trough an ‘Anton Pieck art work.’


The Honig factory is a very special event location in Nijmegen. It used to be the old factory of Honig, where they made vermicelli, soup and noodles. Besides multiple (food)markets, events and fairs there are organised yearely, you will find several restaurants and one of the Nijmegen brewery. A very fancy surrounding with an industrial atmosphere.


The smaller Tokos are for instance Toko Palee (doddendaal 8), Toko Parbo (Groenestraat 240), Toko Rinus (Steenbokstraat 18), or Toko Weuro (Augustijnenstraat 45).