This web page offers you information and links about the bilingual schools Nijmegen and the surroundings has. Pre-schooling, but also secundary and university programmes. Besides that, Nijmegen has several initiatives to learn and train languages. See the overview of the several possibilities below.

Rivers international school (Arnhem)

In the city of Arnhem, the newly built Rivers International school is situated. It is not only a pre-school, but also a primary and secondary school. From Nijmegen, the school can be easily reached by car within 20 minutes, or with the train to trainstation Arnhem Zuid (only 2 stops from Nijmegen central trainstation!).

Kadinsky college Nijmegen

The Kadinsky secondary school offers special bilingual (English-Dutch) education programmes. The school is very well international oriented and even offers different programmes, for example Chinese.

Radboud Nijmegen

Radboud university

Very well knowen, highly recommended and very internationally oriented University with multiple faculties and an enormous amount of bachelor-, master-, scholarship- and exchange programmes. They collaborate with the University hospital, Donders Institute, Max Planck Institute and many others. Furthermore, they offer Dutch schooling and 12 other language courses!

De Lanteerne

The primary school ‘De Lanteerne’ is situated in Nijmegen South and offers bilingual schooling according tot he ‘Jenapan principle.’ It is not nessecarily an English school, though toddlers and preschoolers learn both English and Dutch.

Language Exchange

The language exchange principle offers courses to exchange languages. They invite multiple international people who could teach each other the basics of their language. Very low key and for free. No strings attached!

In'to Languages

The In’to languages is an initiative hosted at the Radboud University. This initiative offers multiple courses, summer school and boost trainings in lots of different languages

In'to languages

LTC (Language Training Center)

The LTC is an organistion situated in the city center of Nijmegen. They offer multiple language courses (NT1 and NT2), trainings. They also translate documents and organise ‘walk and talk’ every now and then, to help expats explore Nijmegen in a foreign language.