Public transportation

The Netherlands have a well-established network of public transport. Trains, busses, underground, trams, it is all there. A widely used way of planning your journey with public transport (“openbaar vervoer”, or “OV”) is through the website

Paying is done by means of an “OV-chip-card”. This is a single card which can be used in all public transport in the country. In case you are registered in the Netherlands, you can apply for a personalized card; alternatively, you can also buy an anonymous one for € 7,50. Using terminals found at train stations and stops, you charge money on the card. You can also do that online.

Check in

Each time you start your journey, you scan your card (in case of trains, usually on the platforms or upon entering the station; for busses, when entering the vehicle). When you end your journey, OR when you change mode of transportation/service provider, you check out by scanning your card again. In the case of the latter, you check in again to repeat the process. Upon check-out, money is automatically withdrawn from your card. In case you forget to check out (not an uncommon occurrence) the system overcharges you; on the website you can apply for the overdue amount to be reimbursed.

If you travel mostly outside of rush hours, consider getting a discount card (“daluren-voordeel”): it grants you a 40% discount on journeys outside those busy hours. More information can be found here.