A variety of museums on different topics can be found in and around Nijmegen. Below a small overview:

St. Stevens Church

One of the most visible buildings in the city. Open to public, exhibitions and, on selected days, a climb to the top of the tower. Enjoy the spectacular view over the city from this special vantage point.


A special museum in the green Heilig Landstiching area. Learn about Jewish, Arabic and Roman culture and history, as well as nature and archeology, in this 30-hectare park.


The Netherlands is a country of bicycles! Here you will learn all about the development of bikes and their uses through the last century.


This museum lets you enter the world of the blind and visually impaired, using innovation and experience. Find out what it is like to be blind, by taking a tour in the dark, or a ‘blind’ walk around the city.

Museum De Bastei

Brand new, partially below-ground museum on Antiquities, nature and the history of Nijmegen. Located at the base of the Valkhofpark, with a view on the Waal river and the city’s old fortifications.

Museum de Bastei

Museum Het Valkhof

Apart from the Valkhofpark and the city entrance, the Museum might just be Nijmegen’s most famous building. It hosts exhibitions on (modern) art, history and archeology.