Finding a house

Finding a house is not always an easy task. There are several organisations and websites offering houses for sale and rent.

They are however not all equally trustworthy. Important is that you are not required to pay to see what is on offer. These are mostly websites collecting the content from other sites and does not represent what is currently on the market. Your best option is to look on the website of the housing agents themselves, or use websites Pararius and Funda.



Companies frequently require potential tenants to pay for access to their selection of houses (so-called registration costs), or administration costs for rendered services. This is only allowed, if a service has been provided and you as a tenant agreed to it. Even then, these costs cannot be disproportional. The charging of a brokerage fee is not allowed. The only situation in which it is allowed to charge a tenant for a house, is when the tenant has commissioned the real estate agent to find a house, the so-called “aanhuren”. “Aanhuren” means you commission a broker to represent your interest and finds you the right house. Only this kind of service can be billed.

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