Shortstay in Nijmegen

Renting a house in Nijmegen might be a big issue if you need to stay here less six months, since most of the landlords prefer a minimum lease period of six to twelve months. But what if you need to stay in Nijmegen for a short while, for example for a temporary project, work visit, summer school or in the event you are pending for the right house?

In that case, shortstay lease might be an interesting option to consider. The Expatdesk Nijmegen is specialized in renting out temporary accommodations. For short-, mid- and longs stay periods. Even though it is a matter of days, weeks or months, we can assist you with finding a shortstay solution in Nijmegen.

The Expatdesk Nijmegen hosts the first shortstay hotel Nijmegen has. The hotel offers nineteen high quality furnished studios and apartments, avilable for one night up to six months. You will have your own studio or apartment with private kitchen, bathroom and facilities. Without the need to sign up for expensive breakfast or dinner services! Though if you want, we offer many of the services available in a normal hotel.

But the apartments in the shortstay hotel are not the only options we have available! We offer multiple hotel,- shortstay,- and midstay solutions in Nijmegen for a few days until a few months. In most of them, it is possible to register at the municipality. This saves you lots of time in aticipation of your visa, permits, social security number, bank account and Dutch phone number!

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