Ooijpolder nature reserve

On the east side of Nijmegen, when you cross the small bridge aside the Waalbridge, you head for the Ooijpolder. This area overflows when the water of the Waal river is high. You could walk for ages over the dykes and polder landscapes.

City Beaches

City beaches

Nijmegen offers various city beaches. The most popular one is across the river, next to the train/bike bridge, since there is a special area to swim. Furthermore, there are various beaches available near the Ooijpolder area, across the small bridge leading towards the east. One other popular city beach can be found at "sprok beach", on the dyke in Nijmegen Lent.


Across the river, in between Nijmegen city center and Lent, a unique project took place. Because the Waal river at Nijmegen acted as a kind of funnel and this would lead to problems with the rising water level, 'the Spiegelwaal' was created. This created extra space for the river but also created an 'island'. Here you can walk between the various bridges, along dikes and floodplains.



Groesbeek is best known for its role in operation 'Market Garden' therefore you will find in Groesbeek various locations that remind you of this (such as the war cemetery). It is also very nice walking in Groesbeek. It has a varied landscape with both forest and hills.

Hatertse en Overasseltse vennen

This nature reserve is located south of Nijmegen and has no less than 520 acres of fens and nature reserves. You can walk around for hours, enjoying the diverse nature, dunes and of course, the very many fens and plains.

Hatertse Vennen