Contract types

There are different types of contracts that you can encounter when renting:

Indefinite term

This type you often find with housing corporations. They are not limited in time, but at least 1 year minimum lease term. You have a one-month cancellation period after 12 months after the date the contract commences. It is far less common with commercial rental organisation.

Fixed term contract

This type of contract allows a landlord to rent out a property for a maximum period of 24 months. This contract can be offered to a tenant once for every term within these 24 months. Within this term, a cancellation period for the tenant of 1 calendar month is included. The landlord has to inform you three to one months before the contract runs out.

Shortstay contract

This contract is limited to a twelve months maximum. Within this timeframe a termination clause for the tenant must be included. It can be several days to a maximum of one calendar month. Prices are often included with services (like g/w/e or cleaning) and these properties are often furnished.

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Contract based on vacancy law

This form of contract is offered when you rent a house which is on sale. You can rent for a minimum of six months, but after these six months the landlord has a three-calendar-month cancellation period, and the tenant a one-calendar-month one. In case no cancellation takes place, the rental agreement runs to a maximum of five years, or until the permit for renting out in this form runs out.

Some organisations offer a contract for a minimum of twelve months, after which it automatically turns into an indefinite contract. This type of contract however is not a valid one, because an indefinite contract having a one calendar month cancellation period from the starting day.

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