Nijmegen has multiple cinemas to offer, although not all of them show movies without subtitles. Here is an overview of the main cinemas in the city.

VUE Cinema Centrum

Comparable selection to VUE Plein, and similarly located in between places for eating and drinking. Address: Tweede Walstraat 16, Nijmegen.

VUE Nijmegen

VUE Nijmegen Plein

Relatively small city cinema, centrally located on Plein 1944 surrounded by bars and restaurants. Easy to reach by public transport. Address: Plein 1944 28, Nijmegen.

Pathe Nijmegen

Pathé Nijmegen

A large cinema with multiple screens, showing mostly mainstream movies. Located just outside Nijmegen, in Lent. Can be reached with Public Transport, bike and car (paid parking). Address: Willem van Arenbergstraat 6, Nijmegen.


Located in the city centre, often does. It runs both mainstream and art-house films. Before or after the film, you can enjoy something to eat or drink, or even host a party. Address: Marienburg 38, Nijmegen.