Having found a place to live, the provision of gas, water, electricity and TV/Internet are of importance next. Most houses come with a meter for g/w/e installed. The reading is important when moving in and when leaving.

Houses can come with a variety of meters for either gas, water or electricity. For gas, there can be an old analogue or new digital one. For power, it could be a single meter, or two indicators separating high (day-time) and low (night-time) tariff. The low tariff is the cheaper one.

Block heating (Blokverwarming)

In many apartment buildings, particularly older ones, there will be a central heating system. All apartments are part of the same, centrally regulated, system in the building. Per individual heating element there is a meter attached, measuring usage. This system is not very accurate and is read out only once per year, making billing outside of this timeframe difficult. Additional costs could be charged for a non-scheduled reading. Due to this, cost for heating is usually charged as a fixed sum as part of the rent. Next to the central heating there is also still the connection to electricity, water and sometimes gas.

City heating (Stadverwarming)

In some parts of Nijmegen, city heating is being offered. This system is often used in new housing. Replacing the need for gas heating, a power plant provides hot and cold water to the boiler, as well as power and tap water. With this system, you have the choice of only one provider.

On this screen, fill in the meter read-outs for g/w/e as they are on the day your house is signed over to you. Add your address and contact details and we will contact you shortly to get you informed about how to be subscripted to the required companies shortly.

After you have been subscripted, there is and advance payment billed to your account each month and when moving out, or after twelve months a (final) calculation is made automatically. In case you used less than you paid for you will get the amount refunded! In case you used more, you will be charged for the difference. The process of signing up for g/w/e is free of charge.


Internet and cable

Next to g/w/e you can of course also receive TV and internet in your house. This you can also easily arrange using our tool. Pick your provider (Ziggo or KPN) and the desired options, fill in your address and we will send you a list with the available offers and providers! Details and everything will be sent to you as soon as possible. A certain delivery time might apply. Internet and cable providers often charge one-time connection costs. Using our tool is of course free of charge!

Signing up your house for gas, water and electricity can be done very easily through our signing-up tool!

G/W/E utilities form

Want to subscribe for the utilities? Please fill in the form below to get get yourself listed for the utility supplier trough Expatdesk Nijmegen. We will contact you with the ‘no strings attached’ subscribtion at the gas/electricity provider Vattenfal and water company Vitens.

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